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Meredith Irwin

Is it possible to be a great wife, amazing mom & successful business woman?
I have always had a passion for natural health and exploring safer paths to wellness. As my did my research and began exploring the vast world of wellness, I found myself sharing with friends and family all of the wonderful information I had discovered. Five years ago I founded my own business and now I empower others to create their own thriving business.  There are many options available within health and wellness industries, it's important to know which are safe, effective and worth the efforts and time to invest in. I truly believe we can align both sides of the spectrum - traditional and alternative approaches to health and wellness. I am driven to encourage others, inspire them to grow their own businesses and find lasting success.  Every day there are so many blessings for myself, my family and for business team. Let's work together and make the most of every opportunity. 

work with me?

  • God is first. Faith and spiritual growth are core values in my business.
  • Busy schedule? I get it! I meet you on your timeframe and we get things done right the first time
  • Together we determine what your strengths are. We develop a concise plan to grow your business,.
  • Experience! I learned what works and what to avoid. Let me help you avoid time consuming mistakes that hinder your growth.
  • You have positve, encouraging upline support!
  • Our business is driven to help others become debt free 


I had been searching for a way to support my family's health with safe yet powerful natural solutions. I had considering starting my own business but was hesitant because there were so many different companies out there, Meredith was such a great help! She gave me the guidance to get started and I loved the versatility of being able to work on my schedule. I am truly impressed with how quickly my business grew without it overwhelming me.

- Beth S.

Be a product of your decisions, not circumstances

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  • Listen and understand your goals
  • Create a roadmap to help you begin
  • Give you the skills, leadership and love you need to succeed.